What If You Could Quickly Know Which Employees May Be COVID Exposed Inside Your Workplace?

Could It Counter The Need To Shut Down?

Would It Help Prevent Losses In Productivity?

Could It Lessen Liability Concerns?

Would It Reassure Employees?

Would It Make COVID-19 Mitigation Easier To Manage?

Would It Reduce The Need For Mass Quarantines And Unneeded Testing?

Could It Help Reduce Community Spread?


The Best Offense

Is A Good Defense

The first step to protecting your business from the impacts of employees who become COVID-19 exposed within your facility(s) is to know who they are.

Inside Track Marketing and Media

Real Time Awareness

= Less Risk

Using an affordable, cloud-based, HIPPA compliant, downloadable app can automate and empower your business by using GPS technology to trace within the building those who may have been exposed, allowing you to quickly identify risks of exposure inside the workplace and better ensure worker safety while doing so.

Automates and Ensures Daily Health Check Compliance

Real Time Exposure Notifications Via In-App Messaging

HIPAA, SOC2 and OSHA Compliant

Cloud Based = No IT Support Required

HR/Payroll System Integration

Admin Dashboard For Organization-Wide Management

GPS Instead Of Bluetooth For Better Accuracy And Security

All via a secure, affordable, downloadable mobile app


  • Employees opt in to using the app
  • Employers can decide how (and when) employees without the app may return to work
  • Individual employee location is never shared with employer
  • If an employee using the app tests positive, his/her identity is not shared with anyone other than the designed HR administrator
  • Employee data is only collected while at work
  • HIPAA compliant and SOC2 audited environment.
  • GPS technology is more accurate and secure compared to bluetooth